CCU is a research based university and dedicated for Full-time, Online and Distance Learning Studies, offering Diplomas, Bachelors and Education programs. The University recognizes that the educational process includes the development of the intellectual, cultural, social, physical, moral, and occupational capacities of persons who participate in its programs and activities.

The University desires to assist its students and other persons living in its service area in acquiring the skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes that will enable them to lead creative, productive, and self-fulfilling lives.

CCU enables students to earn a University Degree while studying at home. Our students can complete each course while maintaining job and/or family responsibilities. We strive to provide an innovative and challenging program that elicits students’ innate love of learning and promotes personal growth and satisfaction. CCU believes all students are capable of learning and becoming productive citizens. We respect individual learning differences and strive to instill essential core knowledge and values through a systematic, engaging curriculum that fulfills the need for all learning delivery systems.

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