I’m very much pleased to inform that Central Christian University (CCU) is a dynamic centre of Competent learning, and, an ideal place for the pursuit of higher studies. We emphasize quality academics, values, and an educationalenvironment designed to promote student’s growth.

The CCU has introduced modern and fastest improved technology in its curriculum, which provides extensive opportunities to the students for preparing themselves for the new millennium. As a CCU student, you're never alone.

If you need help, have a question, or want to discuss a point in your studies, we encourage you to contact us in writing, by phone, or by E-mail. Our knowledgeable, caring instructional staff is here to give you a prompt, detailed response.

CCU's atmosphere creates special dynamics in the classroom and in the research arena. The university's particular intellectual style combines emphasis on scholarship, research, critical reflection and social engagement. Through both disciplinary depth and a strong comparative and Trans-disciplinary approach, studies at CCU focus on the diverse and changing social, economic, political and legal aspects and needs of different societies.

The University will continue to be engaged and committed to addressing current challenges that impede fast economic growth and the eradication of poverty, ignorance and disease in Malawi. In addition, the university also observes that there are newer challenges of immediate effect and impact in the country such as: challenges of human insecurity especially food insecurity, a non-predictable global economic and political environment, grave youth unemployment, epidemics, climate change, ecological disturbance and the challenges related to issues of inequity (especially gender inequity), social cohesion and social justice. CCU will be more closely engaged in tackling all these challenges.

CCU strives to be an innovative institution, dedicated to the future of changing and changed societies. The CCU is an exciting and dynamic environment, a place where aspirations, ambitions and the zeal of intellectual exploration come together.

CCU Main Study Centre is Situated in Blantyre (Malawi) Opposite To National Library Service- Zalewa Road. The premises are easily accessible by bus and Car.

There are ample Learning area that has been specially designed for conducive learning, Examinations, Counseling and distributing of Learning Materials.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

Director of Academic Affairs

You can make enquiries below to us for more information from Monday to Sunday, 07.30 to
Email: info@ccu.ac.mw/ Tel: +265-999 427 869 /88224 609 WhatsApp

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