Our reasonable fees mean students of moderate means can gain access to quality education, which will expand their range of choices, opportunities and qualifications for the future.

Tuition must be paid two weeks in advance of the start of the current Semester along with the submission of the Registration Form. Late registration is permitted up to the first day of the start of the Semester, but Tuition Fees must be paid before a student is considered enrolled in the class.

The Tuition for Malawian and Foreign Students Are as Follows:

(1)   Certificate Programs - MK600, 000.00-Fulltime/MK570,000-ODeL (Per Academic Year for Malawian)
(2)   Diploma Programs - MK700, 000.00-Fulltime/MK600,000-ODeL (Per Academic Year for Malawian)
(3)   Degree Programs - MK1,100, 000.00-Fulltine/MK1,000,000.00-ODeL (Per Academic Year-Fresh Student for Malawian)
(4)   Mature Age Entry Degree Programs - MK1,300,000, 000-Fulltime/MK1,200,00.00-ODeL (Per Academic Year for Malawian
(5)   Degree Programs Fees for Foreign Students - $3,600-Fulltime/$1,800-ODeL (Per Academic Year-Fresh Student)
(6)   Mature Age Entry Degree Programs for Foreign Students - $4,200-Fulltime/$2.100- ODeL (Per Academic Year)
(7)   Master Program-Fee Structure for Whole Programs:  MK4,000,000.00- Fulltime/MK3,000,000-ODeL for Malawian Nationals and $5,000-Fulltime/$3,000- ODeLFor Foreign Students for the Entire Period of Study.
(8)   PhD Fee Structure for Whole Programs: MK10,000,000.00-Fulltime/MK6,500,000.00- ODeL for Malawian nationals; and $9,500-Fulltime/$7,500 ODeL for foreign students.

Miscellaneous Fees for Malawian Students
1.   Late Payment Fee = MK 45,000.00
2.   Diploma Replacement = MK 70,000.00
3.   Degree Replacement = MK120,000.00
4.   Application Fee = MK15,000.00 Undergraduate/MK30,000.00 Graduate/$20 undergraduate/US$55 Graduate for international applicants
5.   Registration Fee = MK30,000.00 Undergraduate/MK80,000.00 Graduate/$40 undergraduate/US$150 Graduate for international applicants
6.   Certified Transcript = MK 10,000.00 Diploma/Mk20,000.00 Degree
7.   Deferred Payment Fee = MK 85,000.00
8.   Supplementary Payment Fee/Course = MK 15,000.00
9.   Returned Check Fee = MK 15,000.00
10.   Student ID Card = MK 15,000.00
11.   Graduation Fee (one-time charge) = MK 100,000.00-150,000.00
12.   Graduation (Non-Attendance Fee) = MK 100,000.00
13.   Course Add/Drop Fee = MK  8,000.00
14.   Union Fees = MK  5000.00
15.   Medical Fee = MK  30,000.00/Year
16.   Remark Fee = MK  15,000.00

Note: Students must purchase textbooks and other required study materials, estimated between MK50, 000-MK100, 000 per year. Students will not be able to pass a course without the required course material

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