Thank you for choosing Central Christian University to further your educational goals.

This handbook provides the basic information you need about our Degree programmes, university regulations,policies, services and procedures as well as useful contacts. Please take some time to read through this material, it willhelp you understand the way the courses operate.

You can imagine, Degree programmes are demanding, with a range of assignments, exams and practical work, group work and independent study to complete. At times, no doubt, you will feel stretched intellectually and personally, but through our support and your dedication, you will make it through.

The CCU staff and lecturers are available to help you be successful in your educational journey. Our instructors have the educational and industry background to help increase the learning experience and provide industry knowledge.

Along with your instructor, the CCU has a group of support staff to assist you with the administrative side of your course.

Our programmes have been designed to bring balance between theory and practice, and achieving both in breadth and depth in your studies.

Although learning requires determination and dedication as CCU student, you're never alone. .
We wish you all the success in your studies and hope you enjoy your course. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your instructor or our office.

All the best in your course,

Prof. Dr. Osman H. Nyakuleha Sr

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